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Five Tips for Commercialising Your Message to Build a Stable Speaking Business

Any entrepreneur feels uncertainty when they start a new business venture. As an influencer, you may find that uncertainty magnifies. Most speakers start out with experience and a story. They don’t have a specific product to sell. Instead, they’re trying to use their words and presentations to get people to engage with them. It’s what you do after achieving that […]

Five Tips for Building a Personal Brand (From Simon Sinek, Gary V, and More)

Why should people connect with your message? If you can’t answer that, you need help building your personal brand. Follow these tips from the experts. What does a personal brand mean for a speaker? It’s an important question to ask yourself, especially when building a business. You may think that your job begins when you set foot on stage and […]

Harvey Milk’s Hope Speech (And How His Speaking and Body Language Changed a Nation)

When you speak with passion and a cause, you can change the course of history. That’s exactly what Harvey Milk’s “Hope Speech” did for millions in the United States’ LGBT community. The mid-point of the 20th century saw a lot of changes in how we treat one another. The 1960s saw millions challenging the societal norms that had stayed entrenched […]


3-Step Formula To Overcome Difficult Situations

Have you ever felt genuinely “not okay” in your life and you don’t know how to turn around a difficult situation? Learn and watch how Sam Cawthorn, a powerful motivational speaker, explains the 3-Step Formula on how to cope and win with such adversity.  

The Greatest Leaders in the entire planet are Master Storytellers.

Learn the Difference between telling a story and showing a story in a “Powerful way”, making an impact in the world.   “If you want to learn how to influence people and make a difference in the world, one needs to learn how to share powerful stories,” says Sam Cawthorn, a powerful motivational speaker and Master Storyteller of our modern […]

Because of your Calling

Nelsa Clark Simmonds knows that finding your way can be tough especially when you are feeling lost. She also knows that the most important place to look first is inside yourself to harness the creativity we all have inside of us to truly heal and find our way through the darkness. By being in the proximity of Speakers Institute she […]

The Celebrity Authority Show

Social Enterprise for Mental Health Housing

Sharon’s dream is to set up a social enterprise for mental health housing to enable people that have mental health issues to have choices where they live. Hear more on Sharon’s story by visiting   Listen to the Podcast below:

Building Confidence & Voice

As a little girl, Phuong is quite shy and can barely speak a voice. When she grew up and started working in the corporate world, she learned to build her confidence. Now she is an International speaker whose passion is to empower people to pursue what they love.    Listen to the Podcast below:

It’s time to do it MY WAY

Niki is an Expert and Thought Leader on Mental Health and Well Being. Niki grew up behaved and inhibited where she does what is told and doesn’t question about it and just go with the flow. But Niki didn’t like this situation because she knew she had no choice. So she decided to make a decision and not worry what […]


Sam Cawthorn: 2009 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year

  Thursday 26 March 2009 Broadcast date Thursday 26th March 2009 Sam Cawthorn Sam Cawthorn had a strict religious upbringing but went off the rails for a while as a teenager. Meeting the woman who would become his wife got him off the streets and changed his life. The other turning point in Sam’s life was a terrible car accident […]

Overcoming Adversity

Sam shares his amazing story of overcoming adversity after a serious accident on Hope 103.2 radio.

Triple M

With the release of his book, Bounce Forward, Sam talks to Triple M about his accident and its effect on himself and his loved ones. Part 1: Part 2: